Karin Hügel, "Queer Readings of the Hebrew Bible: The Book of Ruth and the Creation Accounts".

The author offers queer readings of two selected texts from the Hebrew Bible, namely ways of reading the Book of Ruth and the two accounts of creation in the Book of Genesis. Her discussion of this biblical story and the creation accounts shows the diversity of possible queer interpretations based on particular understandings of queer or on different approaches to the queer theory. Referring to the Book of Ruth, the authors explains why certain biblical passages are especially suited to queer appropriation for lesbian, bi-sexual and polyamorous midrashim and ceremonies (1.1.). She describes the blurring of sexually defined roles in the Hebrew Bible (1.2.). She offers a line of argument analogous to a biblical Halakha for queer persons today (1.3.). In connection with the creation stories, queer readings are presented in accordance with approaches of the queer theoreticians Monique Wittig and Judith Butler (2.1.). Finally, the author points to the interpretation of a biblical figure as androgynous (2.2.) To concentrate exclusively on the issue of sexuality (in connection with queer) is a result of contemporary concerns. In an excursus, she discusses how various different understandings of sexuality are related to times and places. In conclusion, she deals with the striking points of overlap between the blurring of sexually defined roles, ethnicity, religion, age, survival and power(lessness) in the Book of Ruth and her queer re-reading of Gen 1:27 in reference to the creation of humankind.

  • Karin Hügel, "Queere Lesarten der Hebräischen Bibel. Das Buch Ruth und die Schöpfungsberichte", in: Lisa Isherwood/Jenny Daggers/Elaine Bellchambers/Christine Gasser/Ursula Rapp (eds.), Wrestling with God/En lucha con Dios/Ringen mit Gott, Journal of the European Society of Women in Theological Research/Anuario de la sociedad Europea de mujeres en la investigación teológica/Jahrbuch der Europäischen Gesellschaft für theologische Forschung von Frauen, Volume 18, Peeters, Leuven 2010, 173-192.

    Journal of ESWTR 18/2010
    276 pages,
    ISBN: 978-90-429-2466-6,
    ISSN: 1783-2454,
    eISSN: 1783-2446,
    EUR 45,00.

    abstract and download, Peeters Online Journals
    Peeters Online Journals 18/2010

    He Qi, Ruth and Naomi, China 2001.

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